updated readme for pagenumbers
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2015-08-26 Thomas Bläsiusupdated readme for decorator
2014-10-14 Thomas Bläsiusminor changes to the wiki-stuff (decorator)
2014-10-14 Thomas Bläsiustext for the wiki
2014-10-14 Thomas Bläsiussample file
2014-10-13 Thomas Bläsiusfunction for creating decorator objects
2014-10-13 Thomas Bläsiusit is now possible to decorate a selection of more...
2014-03-03 Thomas Bläsiusadded the kit-box to sample files
2014-03-03 Thomas Bläsiusdecorator: remove unused stuff, created basic sample...
2013-12-17 Thomas Bläsiusfancy decorator
2013-12-17 Thomas Bläsiusdecorator in a usable state