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2016-09-27 Lukas BarthBullet points to level 3
2016-09-27 Lukas BarthBullet points working
2016-09-26 Lukas BarthOpacities
2014-10-14 Thomas Bläsiusoption for dorotheas name
2014-06-12 Thomas Bläsiusincluded some symbols that can be used by the decorator...
2014-03-03 Thomas Bläsiusgitignore
2013-11-08 Thomas Bläsiusminor changes to presentation
2013-11-08 Thomas Bläsiusnow with sorted colors
2013-11-08 Thomas Bläsiusremoved layout-leyers from the presentation
2013-11-06 Thomas Bläsiuschanged width slightly
2013-09-16 Thomas Bläsiusadded page numbering to the presentation
2013-09-11 Thomas Bläsiusfixed problems with I and l in kit-logo
2013-09-10 Thomas Bläsiusminor change
2013-09-10 Thomas Bläsiusslide with some tests added
2013-09-10 Thomas Bläsiussome comments on usage added to the slides
2013-09-09 Thomas Bläsiusnew version with 'correct' kit-style conatining both...
2013-09-09 Thomas Bläsiusstarting the presentation template with the current...